In and Around Mutěnice

About Mutenice

Mutěnice is a village in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic, with about 3,700 inhabitants. The South Moravian Region (Czech: Jihomoravský kraj) is an administrative unit (kraj) of the Czech Republic, located in the south-western part of its historical region of Moravia . Its capital is Brno, the 2nd largest city of the Czech Republic.

One part of the village is called Bůdy or Pod Búdama (which means “Wine Cellars”); there are about 500 wine cellars here. Some of them are only used for wine production and wine storage and some of them have been converted to provide wine testing and accommodation.

The wine production and the cellars are also the inspiration for several traditions that happen every year in Mutenice. Some of the most famous and most attended once are: Traditional Wine Testing, Open Cellar Day (every year, third Saturday in April) and Walk Around Slovenian Vineyards(every year, second Saturday in October).

The Mutěnice Wine Region is composed of four villages – Mutěnice, Dubňany, Ratíškovice and Milotice. Pronunciation: Mutěnice – Mootyenitse. The region is very well known throughout the Czech Republic for its production of wine, frequently taking the top prizes in wine competitions in the Czech Republic.

Several of the country’s important wine ‘companies’ are based in the region, but mostly the land is owned by locals who just enjoy producing wine as a hobby.

The area outside the four main towns is includes small settlements composed entirely of wine cellars that locals use as a weekend getaway to relax and work in their private vineyards. Needless to say, the locals are more than enthusiastic to share the fruits of their hard labor with just about every passing individual.

The best way to get around is by bike. The towns are all only about 4 km apart, far enough to make walking a bit of a journey but close enough to make a bike trip short and pleasant.

If you aren’t afraid of a good 5km walk, either Mutěnice or Dubňany will provide you with great wine tasting opportunities, a castle and some spectacularly beautiful nature. Also, if you want to get from town to town but are feeling a bit tired after all of that wine you have been drinking it should be fairly easy to hitch hike on the small town roads.

Presumably you have come to the region to taste the wines. Anywhere you go there will be a lot of great wines, but also there are some good local beers as well as every different and strong type of home-made snaps, usually made from plums or apricots.

Mutěnice are also famous for being apart of a Cycling route which is 65 km long and leads through the wine region and villages Mutěnice, Čejc, Čejkovice and Kyjov. The terrain is slightly hilly.